Accomplished the restoration of the ancient bridge in Villa Prati financed by Mixer S.p.A.

Mixer S.p.A. financed the restoration of the ancient bridge in Villa Prati, where we are based.

Strongly supported by the municipal administration, the project aimed at recovering an historical symbol for the whole community. The bridge, in fact, represent the last testimony left on the Canale Naviglio of “humpback bridge”, a bridge whose function was to sustain the doors of one of the eleven sluices built at the end of the eighteenth century to allow navigation.

The opening ceremony, that took place on 19th July, was attended by Dr. Andrea Galanti, General Director of Mixer S.p.A., the Mayor and the Assessors of Bagnacavallo, the Mayor of Faenza and some representatives of local associations, along with many citizens.

This restoration of ancient bridge in Villa Prati is just one of the initiatives carried out by Mixer S.p.A in favor of its territory, in order to consolidate the strong bond linking the company to the local community and institutions.

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