Mixer S.p.A. signed the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance

Mixer S.p.A. signed the Declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance, presented and adopted in Brussels last 20th September 2019. The company is committed in sorting and recycling since several years and we think that circular economy is the only way to reduce the impact of industrial activities on the environment.  

Circular Plastics Alliance

The Declaration promotes the alliance’s vision for more recycled plastics in Europe and the commitment of the parties involved to achieve the EU objectives concerning this issue. More than 140 private and public companies have already signed the document drawn up by the Circular Plastics Alliance. Some thematic work group will be formed in order to discuss about some issues related to recycle of plastics: Mixer S.p.A. will participate as a value chain stakeholder.

More info: 
European Commission 
How to sign the Declaration 
List of signatories 

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