Mixer supports art: the Dürer exhibition in Bagnacavallo

We supported an important project of the local Civic Museum: “Albrecht Dürer, Il Privilegio dell’Inquietudine”, a fifteenth-century German artist.

The exhibition – with more than 120 engraved graphics – will open on 21st September 2019, near the San Michele patron saint’s festival and in December there will be a related event. The pictorial painting “Madonna del Patrocinio” by Dürer, preserved until 1969 into the monastery of the Capuchin nuns, today Civic Museum of Bagnacavallo, will temporarily came back home.

Dr. Andrea Galanti, Mixer S.p.A general director, says: “This has been a unique opportunity to promote two great cultural events which, we are sure, will bring many visitors to our town. The return of a great valued work is so prestigious, and we are grateful for having contributed to this project. Mixer commitment in this event confirms once again its proximity to the community and territory”.

For more info, please visit the Civic Museum of Bagnacavallo website (IT).

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