Mixer is Wired Differently

Mixer is Wired Differently, and our story constantly proves it.

In over twenty-five years since our foundation, our attitude of innovation guided our choices: we have always invested a lot of time and resources to bring our ideas to life and propose something different in the cable industry.

In 1997, even if rubber compounds were usually sold in strips, Mixer decided to produce its compounds in pellet form, transferring the related benefits to customers and supporting them during the process transition. A few years later, while everyone manufactured pellets using commercial machinery and software, we decided to design our custom equipment, also investing in proprietary technology from formulation to production. Why? To make our compounds unique, being at the same time more flexible, more performing and in full control of the production process, promptly responding to all market needs. Mixer installed the remote control of its plant already in 2008, anticipating the industry 4.0 and today our systems are completely and continuously updated: among others we implemented the MES – Manufacturing Execution System – also designed internally to best respond to our specific needs. We coped with the global pandemic by immediately activating smart working, because we already had the appropriate structures and mentality, without forgetting all the safety provisions.

Mixer continues to invest in research every day, believing in innovation as a guide.

Indeed, we have designed a new original production line, including machinery and software, completely dedicated to EKOgraft®, our brand-new portfolio of moisture curable products. In this case too, we could have followed the established market logic; instead, we decided to reinvent the process thanks to accurate research and preliminary analysis. Thus, we can transfer a real added value to our customers: the consistency of products resulting from straightforward production. Initially, we developed grades for photovoltaic applications, with a view to expanding the portfolio in the next months.

The EKOgraft® product line goes along with our new advertising campaign that clearly describes our vision and our approach, reflected also in innovative communication. The “Wired Differently” campaign is based on a powerful and commercial visual, which differs from the usual way of communicating in the industry. We have chosen to use the 3D technique to reproduce the cables for the photovoltaic panels, supported by a copy that, using an English idiom, underlines the attitude that has always distinguished us: Mixer is Wired Differently, and our story proves it every day.

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In the coming weeks we will continue to tell you how Mixer chooses to always be Wired Differently: through the vision of People in Mixer you will find out on our LinkedIn company page that “BETTER TO BE DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT TO BE BETTER”.

Ready to be different?

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