EKOPREN® Bedding Compounds: choose your safe solution

EKOPREN Bedding Compounds choose your safe solution

We developed a new set of EKOPREN® thermoplastic bedding compounds with exceptional resistance to fire conditions, improved processing performances and high flexibility at low temperature. The products – available both for tandem and for two-steps extrusion – have been tested according to several international standards, to provide multiple efficient solutions for Mixer customers. Indeed, with […]

Bedding compound, a new version with increased performance

Bedding compound a new version with increased performance

Mixer always takes care of customers’ needs and meets the market requirements, using the most innovative technologies in order to improve the products. For these reasons, our R&D team has developed the new version of a bedding compound with increased performances. The EKOPREN® 3RP37A, thanks to an improved peelability, allows a faster production speed of […]