Cable and  Wire Compounds

Compounding Innovation

Mixer is a manufacturer of rubber compounds and thermoplastic compounds for the insulation, sheathing and filling of flexible cables, rubber cables, power cables and flame-retardant cables.

We produce cable insulation, cable sheathing, cable filling and masterbatch cable compounds, using both rubber and thermoplastics.

Our trademarked EKOPREN® products are based on halogen- free polymers and additives with low toxicity and light smoke emission. Customers can choose from heavy metal-free, high LOI and fire/oil/ozone-resistant compounds.




Mixer Spa joins the SafeRubber project .

The goal is to develop a new, safe, multifunctional accelerator curative molecule which can replace thiourea-based accelerators (ETU) in the vulcanisation process.


EPDM vs. XLPE MV Insulation Compounds


MIXER SPA invites you to review our presentation of several recent technical studies that demonstrate the advantages of EPDM insulation over XLPE for MV cable insulation.