Mixer, we ®

Mixer’s identity represents our present and our future, without forgetting our past with over 25 years of experience in the cable industry. During the last decades, we strengthened our corporate identity, participating in the most important events of the cable industry and supporting our customers with competitive and innovative solutions, as a result of constant development.

Meanwhile, the Mixer’s swivel has become our way to tell the world about our production and our product, the compound, developed also thinking that DETAILS MATTER.

We are ready for new challenges and, to support our history and identity, we decided to register our company brand Mixer® and the new product brand EKOgraft®, in addition to the already well-known EKOPREN®. On our communication channels, you will therefore find the ® symbol next to all our logos: a communication act which, once again, underlines our history and our identity.

Mixer, we ®.

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