Mixer presents EKOgraft®

Mixer S.p.A. is proud to announce the launch of the innovative EKOgraft® product line. These moisture-curable compounds represent a groundbreaking approach to design, formulation, and production, with a process that has been entirely reimagined. EKOgraft®, a revolutionary approach Leveraging over 25 years of expertise in the cable industry, we have harnessed our technical, engineering, and commercial knowledge to […]

UV-curing of HFFR blends, the innovative study by Mixer and UniBO

UV-curing of an innovative blend, the study by Mixer and UniBO

Mixer S.p.A. is glad to announce the publication of the research article “Photocrosslinking of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)–polyethylene-octene (POE) copolymer containing halogen-free flame retardants“, the study conducted by the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician”, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università of Bologna and our company. In the study, we explore an innovative technology to cure HFFR blends based on UV […]

Mixer, we ®

Mixer, we ®

Mixer’s identity represents our present and our future, without forgetting our past with over 25 years of experience in the cable industry. During the last decades, we strengthened our corporate identity, participating in the most important events of the cable industry and supporting our customers with competitive and innovative solutions, as a result of constant […]

Electrical measurements for enhanced compounds

The electrical properties of the insulating materials are essential in the production of compounds for wires and cables. In its pursuit of continual improvement as to the performance of the grades, our company has acquired technical and specific knowledge in the field of electrical measurements. Today we are able, thanks to the studies conducted and […]

Mixer at Cables 2021, focus on testing methods

Mixer at Cables: focus on testing methods

On 16th September 2021 Mixer participated at the Cables 2021 conference with the presentation: “Bedding compounds for cables: testing methods”. Our Strategic Project Manager – Andrea Magrì, PhD – talked about the importance of testing methods for cables and compounds, in our case specifically for bedding. He also underlined how the Mixer’s research laboratory has […]