Bedding compounds for safe cables

The priority for the industry is to deliver secure cables. Manufacturing safe cables with exceptional performances will allow you to develop your business.

EKOPREN® bedding compounds are the best solution for safe and cost-effective power cables.

We can offer you grades for cables with PVC insulation and sheathing, where the production speed and the resistance to the migration of plasticizers are fundamental.

Alternatively, the products developed for cables with XLPE insulation and PVC or HFFR sheathing combine the flexibility with flame retardant properties and LOI up to 60%. Special additional features are the resistance against the migration of plasticizers and the improved peeling from the cores.

Have you a two-steps production set-up? The insulated cores covered with the bedding must be drummed, so we can suggest you our drummable grades for XLPE insulation and HFFR sheathing, with LOI up to 60%. Moreover, all the drummable compounds exhibit excellent flexibility even at low temperatures (-40°C).

Protection and performance: these are the keystones driving the development of all our projects, to always provide you quality solutions.

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