UV-curing of HFFR blends, the innovative study by Mixer and UniBO

UV-curing of an innovative blend, the study by Mixer and UniBO

Mixer S.p.A. is glad to announce the publication of the research article “Photocrosslinking of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)–polyethylene-octene (POE) copolymer containing halogen-free flame retardants“, the study conducted by the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician”, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università of Bologna and our company. In the study, we explore an innovative technology to cure HFFR blends based on UV […]

New bedding compounds to reach the strictest CPR standards

As of today, in Europe, about a quarter of residential fires can be ascribed to electrical problems. Thus, the fire resistance of cables is pivotal to contribute to the safety of buildings. The implementation of flame retardant bedding compounds in the design of cables is a cost-effective strategy which allows to increase considerably the fire resistance. Following this […]

Italian know-how in EKOPREN® medium voltage insulation

Mixer S.p.A. combines the quality and reliability of the Italian excellence, where every detail matters, with the passion for innovation. The resulting strategy is to offer to the cable market cutting-edge and performing materials, designed on the basis of the acquired expertise. Indeed, Mixer S.p.A. has a consolidated experience in peroxide crosslinkable MV compounds: we have […]

Bedding compounds for safe cables

The priority for the industry is to deliver secure cables. Manufacturing safe cables with exceptional performances will allow you to develop your business. EKOPREN® bedding compounds are the best solution for safe and cost-effective power cables. We can offer you grades for cables with PVC insulation and sheathing, where the production speed and the resistance to the […]

Medium Voltage Insulation based on TPV: a study by Mixer

Medium Voltage Insulation based on TPV: a study by Mixer

In the quest of developing new thermoplastic materials as thermoplastic insulation for Medium Voltage applications, Mixer S.p.A. developed a series of compounds meeting the Italian specification CEI 20-86 for thermoplastic insulation up to 12/20kV of operating voltage. These new compounds are based on the TPV technology to obtain the perfect combination between thermoplastic and elastomeric […]