Mixer presents EKOgraft®

Mixer S.p.A. is proud to announce the launch of the innovative EKOgraft® product line. These moisture-curable compounds represent a groundbreaking approach to design, formulation, and production, with a process that has been entirely reimagined.

EKOgraft®, a revolutionary approach

Leveraging over 25 years of expertise in the cable industry, we have harnessed our technical, engineering, and commercial knowledge to introduce a new method for producing distinctive moisture-curable compounds. This revolutionary approach aims to empower cable manufacturers with enhanced effectiveness and consistency in their production processes—offering simplicity, speed, and flexibility.

The streamlining of the process for customers choosing EKOgraft® has been achieved through a thorough analysis of customer needs and a comprehensive understanding of the market’s state-of-the-art, all while adhering to international standards and requirements. These efforts align perfectly with our corporate vision, which centers around addressing the diverse needs of clients worldwide. We are dedicated to providing customized, effective solutions while ensuring the maintenance of high-performance cables.

The EKOgraft® brand offers solutions tailored for photovoltaic applications, adhering to EN 50618, IEC 62930, and TÜV standards. Recently, the range of moisture-curable products has been expanded to include energy cables, complying with regulations such as Germany’s VDE 0276 part 604 and the international IEC 60502-1 standard. Additionally, we are developing new compounds for railway and offshore cables, aiming to provide our customers with more effective and innovative solutions.

Mixer’s technical and commercial team is actively supporting customers globally in the exploration and adoption of these high-quality products.

EKOgraft® joins EKOPREN®

EKOgraft® joins the well-established EKOPREN® portfolio, which includes rubber insulation and sheathing compounds that can be crosslinked through standard continuous vulcanization lines or electron beam irradiation. The EKOPREN® product line also features flame-retardant thermoplastic bedding, adding value to cables by meeting the stringent requirements of international fire safety standards, including those stipulated by CPR, UL, IEC, and other regulatory bodies.

Mixer is Wired Differently

The “Wired Differently” concept behind our new advertising campaign mirrors Mixer’s story—a testament to our commitment to operating in the cable industry in a unique and innovative way

We demonstrate this deep innovative attitude through our products and processes, showcasing that a different approach is indeed possible.

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