Electron beam materials: Mixer’s range for irradiation

In Mixer S.p.A. we offer breakthrough solutions to our customers, leading the market of compounds for wire and cables. Indeed, the product brand, EKOPREN®, features constantly improved grades, designed to meet the most demanding specifications.

The EKOPREN® portfolio includes rubber-based insulation and sheathing compounds, formulated to be crosslinked in electron beam irradiators.

Given the growing rate of new electron beam accelerators installed worldwide, mainly in China and India, our series of compounds dedicated to this technology meets the increasing market demand, allowing to combine fast extrusion speeds with a quick crosslinking via e-Beam.
Both e-beamable low voltage insulation and sheathing compounds are available for industrial, railway and rolling stock cables; moreover, e-beam low voltage insulation is used also for automotive and photovoltaic applications. Furthermore, thanks to the proprietary know-how in developing compounds for electron beam crosslinking, we can conceive customized solutions for specific applications.

The exclusive focus on products for the cable market enables us to provide the highest quality compounds, designed to guarantee efficiency to the customers, within the framework of a worldwide constant technical service and continuous support at the customer plant.

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