Italian know-how in EKOPREN® medium voltage insulation

Mixer S.p.A. combines the quality and reliability of the Italian excellence, where every detail matters, with the passion for innovation. The resulting strategy is to offer to the cable market cutting-edge and performing materials, designed on the basis of the acquired expertise. Indeed, Mixer S.p.A. has a consolidated experience in peroxide crosslinkable MV compounds: we have been producing blends based on EPDM and EPDM/PE since 1996, becoming nowadays one of the world leading compounder for Medium Voltage insulation, marketed all over the world.

Thanks to its pioneering vision, already 10 years ago, Mixer conceived and boosted fully lead-free products for this market segment, ahead of users’ demand, with an environmental friendly approach. Nowadays, the range of our products for Medium Voltage insulation is comprehensive: the offer includes harder or flexible products, grades for single core or multicore cables and for an operating voltage from 6kV to 95kV, with lead and lead free, to be processed with the CV line technology.

The EKOPREN® MV products are suitable for operating temperature of 90°C and 105°C and are compliant to the international standards. Furthermore, to provide a complete package, we can suggest also a proper match with the semi-conductive shields, since we tested their compatibility and peelability with our products.

The latest versions of our grades, arising from a constant commitment to provide added value to our customers, enable a faster and easier production. EKOPREN® 3IS73F and EKOPREN® 3IS75F were optimized to reach higher speed in extrusion: thanks to its decreased hardness, these compounds avoid scorch issues and present an enhanced flexibility. EKOPREN® 3IS73L and EKOPREN® 3IS75L, on the other hand, feature cost efficiency and flowing process with a voltage rating between 6 and 20kV.

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