Corporate culture in Mixer: from training to smart working

Technology and innovation are crucial for the Mixer’s DNA. Since 2008, the whole system was connected to allow complete remote control: the management could monitor and intervene on the production plant from anywhere in the world. In this perspective of technology and innovation consolidated over time, Mixer has naturally responded to the pandemic emergency by implementing smart working. Some business functions were already working remotely according to results-oriented projects and, in March 2020, other identified non-productive functions were involved in this process.

Smart working continues thanks to individual agreements with employee and today 28% of the team works partially remotely, dedicating face-to-face days in Mixer to teamwork.

This process is constantly supported by technological structures, specific tools and numerous projects implemented to keep the corporate culture tight. Flexibility and working by objectives goals are crucial in Mixer, as are external and internal training and a thorough selection process. In addition, a constant optimization of communication flows has been developed to support employees in their work interaction, even remotely.

The corporate culture in Mixer is based on trust and effectiveness of processes and all people in Mixer are supported in their work path, in person or remotely.

Photo credits © virtosmedia, 123RF Free Images

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