Mixer’s employee engagement initiatives

“100 euros for an idea” is the Mixer’s program launched as a direct listening activity by the company. The initiative was implemented to encourage proposals with the aim of improving and proposing concrete actions concerning corporate life. Production, human resources, communication up to technical projects: all ideas submitted by employees have been collected, evaluated and […]

Corporate culture in Mixer: from training to smart working

Technology and innovation are crucial for the Mixer’s DNA. Since 2008, the whole system was connected to allow complete remote control: the management could monitor and intervene on the production plant from anywhere in the world. In this perspective of technology and innovation consolidated over time, Mixer has naturally responded to the pandemic emergency by […]

Mixer’s training programs

The training program for people in Mixer is one of the tools chosen by the company to increase and consolidate its skills, also offering innovative solutions on the market. Corporate training programs are developed in two ways. Through external teachers for mainly technical or general subjects. In this case, the company supports both personalized courses […]