Mixer’s training programs

The training program for people in Mixer is one of the tools chosen by the company to increase and consolidate its skills, also offering innovative solutions on the market.

Corporate training programs are developed in two ways. Through external teachers for mainly technical or general subjects. In this case, the company supports both personalized courses in team and individuals, as well as participation in inter-company courses that also give the opportunity to meet staff outside Mixer.

With the aim of also promoting teamwork and sharing common knowledge, some courses held by internal team to colleagues have also been introduced: basic or advanced English courses have been born, related to communication or reading financial statements, without forgetting technical insights concerning our sector. Mixer has also provided a continuous training plan for the use of some internal communication tools, to always optimize the flow of information between the teams, both among staff and for new hires. These courses take place in presence or online during working hours for all staff, compatibly with the needs of all processes.

Direct listening to people in Mixer is the common element between every internal and external path: therefore, the company is strongly committed to estimating training needs and constantly monitors the progress of courses and the response of employees in terms of evaluation of their path.

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