Medium Voltage Insulation based on TPV: a study by Mixer

In the quest of developing new thermoplastic materials as thermoplastic insulation for Medium Voltage applications, Mixer S.p.A. developed a series of compounds meeting the Italian specification CEI 20-86 for thermoplastic insulation up to 12/20kV of operating voltage.

These new compounds are based on the TPV technology to obtain the perfect combination between thermoplastic and elastomeric behavior. To have a full understanding of the processes occurring during the Dynamic Vulcanization of the TPV, an extensive study leaded by the Professor Francesco Ciardelli was carried out with SPIN-PET and University of Pisa.

The investigation shed a light on the reactions impacting the vulcanizate structures determining the ultimate properties of the compounds, thus, offering a practical tool to formulate TPV with predesigned characteristics.    

You can find the complete research here: Molecular evolution during dynamic vulcanization of polyolefin mixtures for lead‐free thermoplastic vulcanized.

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