EKOPREN® Low Voltage Insulation compounds: Mixer’s portfolio

EKOPREN® Low Voltage Insulation compounds portfolio includes several grades in order to guarantee fire resistance, flexibility and electrical properties, with temperature rating down to -60°C and up to 125°C.

Thanks to EPDM and EVA, pure or combined, we can offer to our customers a great variety of products for their high demand cables in mobility and household applications. Two types of peroxide are available for EPDM: DCP – dicumylperoxide – and BIS – bis(tert-butylperoxyisopropyl)benzene – for different cost/performance solutions.

For any information concerning low voltage insulation compounds, please meet us.

You can also discover our EKOPREN® cross-linkable rubber compounds for medium voltage and sheathing compounds, as well as EKOPREN® thermoplastic bedding compounds.

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