EKOPREN® Bedding Compounds: choose your safe solution

EKOPREN Bedding Compounds choose your safe solution

We developed a new set of EKOPREN® thermoplastic bedding compounds with exceptional resistance to fire conditions, improved processing performances and high flexibility at low temperature. The products – available both for tandem and for two-steps extrusion – have been tested according to several international standards, to provide multiple efficient solutions for Mixer customers. Indeed, with […]

EKOPREN® Low Voltage Insulation compounds: Mixer’s portfolio

EKOPREN Low Voltage Insulation compounds Mixer portfolio

EKOPREN® Low Voltage Insulation compounds portfolio includes several grades in order to guarantee fire resistance, flexibility and electrical properties, with temperature rating down to -60°C and up to 125°C. Thanks to EPDM and EVA, pure or combined, we can offer to our customers a great variety of products for their high demand cables in mobility […]

EKOPREN® Flexible Sheathing compounds for industrial application

EKOPREN Flexible Sheathing compounds for industrial application

EKOPREN® Flexible Sheathing compounds are based on NBR/PVC, CPE and EPDM. A wide range of oil resistant and fire-resistant products is available with different temperature ratings, according to the most severe industrial applications. Our portfolio includes several compounds based on CPE+. This version of CPE is obtained in our labs in order to achieve incomparable […]

Maximum speed: new campaign for automotive

Maximum speed: new campaign for automotive

We present our new product campaign “MAXIMUM SPEED”, focused on automotive applications. The high production speed provides efficiency to your automotive cables: with our compounds you can reach a process speed up to 1000 meters/min (60 km/h).Both CV Line and eBeam curable, our compounds are designed for ISO 6722 T3, SAE J1127 and SAE J1128 […]

Bedding compound, a new version with increased performance

Bedding compound a new version with increased performance

Mixer always takes care of customers’ needs and meets the market requirements, using the most innovative technologies in order to improve the products. For these reasons, our R&D team has developed the new version of a bedding compound with increased performances. The EKOPREN® 3RP37A, thanks to an improved peelability, allows a faster production speed of […]