People in Mixer, the new Mixer’s project

People in Mixer is the new page of the website, focused on the centrality of the people who work at Mixer every day. Developed by the HR and the Communication and Marketing areas, the new page includes a section with information about the team, company initiatives, and the possibility of sending applications or participating in educational projects with schools

A company overview of Mixer’s organizational structure is at the top of the page, with two issues being particularly important: training and engagement initiatives for employees. 

Federica Battistini, HR Manager at Mixer: “The development of this new web page allows us to underline the value of our people. Every day they actively contribute to the company’s growth through their ideas and activities”. 

Through two boxes in the new page it is possible to communicate with the HR area, send an application or propose an educational project for students. Mixer, in fact, has already started an important path with the ITIS Nullo Baldini in Ravenna for some years now,  and also periodically welcomes interns from different high schools. Recently, the company also supported a research project with the University of Bologna for PhD students in the Industrial Chemistry course. 

The People in Mixer page also includes stories about company projects for the employees such as the internal and external training program, employee engagement initiatives and the remote working agreement, which today involves 28% of the staff. 

Greta Faccani, Communication and Marketing Manager at Mixer: “With People in Mixer we want to  further spread and consolidate the company culture. And this synergy between communication and marketing and HR proves once again how Mixer’s approach is Wired Differently“. 

The development of the People in Mixer page is one of the activities created to emphasize the importance of the company’s staff. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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